Megan Elise » Madison Wedding / Engagement Photographer



Sarah - These are really, really good. nice work.

Terren Kimmitt - Megan,
Bless these photos… Amazing shots on all levels. I especially like the shot of the guy smoking the cig and the other guy behind him pondering what his day will look like ;)
Also, the GOATS! LOVE <3
Those Hot Air balloon pics are breathtaking too. You'd never catch me in one but they sure are perty…

***Your photograpghy hads simply exploded. You are absolutley incredible Megan. BIG FAN!

anda - WAH — so beautiful, Megan! I think you should still write about it though. I love your writing. xo.

Quyen Luu - Megan – these are STUNNING. What a treat it has been to see how much you’ve grown in such a short amount of time. xoxo!

gladys - ah. wow! im buying a ticket to turkey now. ktnhxbai. <– just kidding. i wish i wasn't though.

love love love, megan. felt like i was with you. x

Jim Palmer - Awesome pictures that capture the culture and people in their everyday life and environment.

Ester - These images don’t need words. They are stunning. But I agree with Anda, I love your writing and perspective and would love to read about your trip. But, whoa. These images.

Brent - So lucky to be married to an amazing photographer that can capture all these moments in our life! Each picture puts me right back in the moment. Is it time to travel again?

Sarah Jane - Holy wow.
The post just keeps getting better & better as you scroll down.
I love that portrait of the man smoking, and those hot air balloons?! SO awesome!
As is pretty much every single other shot.
I am now realizing I need to visit Turkey.

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