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Tom + Heather in Paris.

“and you can tell everybody, this is your song”

This post is so personal to me. A few weeks ago, my beautiful friend and college roommate Heather married the love of her life, Tom, in the French countryside and I was so very fortunate, not only to attend, but also to photograph the wedding for them {those pictures to come soon…}.

But I wanted to share this day first.

This perfect fall day that the three of us spent together after the wedding – no stress or pressure or set plan. A day when they could let go a little. Focus on each other a lot. And spend time together in a place that’s so meaningful for them and also for me. This was my third time to Paris in the last three years and I could never tire of the beauty of this place – just looking through the images has me yearning to go back so soon. We walked, talked, laughed, ate crepes and drank wine, took a little nap and then watched the sun set behind the Eiffel Tower before settling in to an amazing dinner together on my last night in France. And the whole time I thought – “This right here. This is my heart.” Traveling with great people, shooting personal work alongside portraits. Having an entire day to dig into my creativity, to go slow and be purposeful. It was perfection.

Heather + Tom – thank you for letting me crash your honeymoon. I hope you love and cherish this day and these images as much as I do. xoxo.


Hannah Nicole - I love these, Megan. Perfectly Paris.

Eileen Carey - Megan – it was so great meeting you at their wedding. I really believe you have captured their love for one another in these amazing photos. I cannot wait to see your collection from the Chateau. In a word, these are ‘”AMAZING”. :-)

Alana - So great, Megan. They will treasure these for the rest of their lives.

anda - so gorgeous. i’ve never been there, but i feel like i have been now.

Terren K - These shots are so incredibly romantic… They are so lucky to have had you alongside them during their trip. So beautiful Megan.

Beth - That shot of them with the locks…all these images are just gorgeous. Love your work, Megan!

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