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this week.

Last week, sigh. To be honest, last week kind of sucked. It tested, in many ways, my heart. and my patience. and my health. I was frustrated and exhausted and then {and then} I shot two weddings last weekend and instead of completely burning me out, they totally buoyed me. It’s funny the things that get us back to feeling like ourselves.

This week it’s been lots of good food and LOTS of time with girlfriends. Old friends and new ones and some that are something in between. All that I’m quite thankful are in my life right now. {none that I took pictures of} So, here are some pictures of fall. I’m totally giving in : ) Happy weekend.


anda - just from the beauty of these images, i can tell you harbor a secret love for fall :) thanks for squeezing me into all that girlfriend time! i’m still full from that dinner, ha.

Jenny - Megan, these are so romantic! Shoe pictures are my favorites. Thanks for letting me share some beauty rituals with you. Heck yeah, power peels! Xxoo

Alana - aw, I like the shot of the adirondacks. Looks like they are ready to settle in for a (hopefully short) winter! Happy fall, Megan!

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