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this is what i’ve been up to.

“but if you only knew how many things i want to say and don’t, you’d give me some credit.”  -anne shirley

I have never been much of a journaler. Despite having a million random and crazy and significant and completely arbitrary thoughts coursing through my mind at any given time, it just has never been my “thing” to sit down and record on paper the day to day going-ons. I have a total affinity for pretty or simple notebooks {which I hoard in droves} almost all of which are completely empty, save for a shopping or to do list here and there.

Much of the reason why started a blog {and why I especially love blogging personal posts} is because it forces me to give a home to at least a few of those random and possibly not so arbitrary thoughts. A space outside of the craziness of my brain. And it has been one of the best and most rewarding decisions I have ever made because it has connected me in so many ways better to the people I know and put me in touch with people I never would have met otherwise. I couldn’t even begin to tell you how significant that has been for me.

But still, this space is filtered a bit. Not at all a mis-representation but more so, a slice of the whole story that encompasses me, my life and my business. And so this year, I decided to take a more focused approach to journaling for myself. To capturing how I feel on any given day without having to edit or construct or revise ….which is somewhat ironic because I still often write as if my someday kids or grandkids are reading it {if they can decipher my handwriting at all, which has completely gone to hell since college}. I need to stop doing that.

I knew journaling wasn’t something that I would be able to keep up on every day, I never wanted it to feel like a chore. But I also didn’t want to go months without having written anything at all when I’m sure there would be countless things to note, so I opted to start an image journal and add words when I had time or energy or something potentially memorable to say. It has been a little over a month and I’ve been surprised with how regularly I write. Often, all it takes is picking up the pen instead of just shoving the picture onto the appropriate page. I read back through to the beginning the other day and it really opened my eyes to the patterns that repeat themselves in the seemingly ordinary-ness of Mondays to Fridays and one month to the next. And it’s only mid-February. This is a good thing. I’m excited to see what it brings for the rest of the year.

This month I also acquired an old Yashica camera that I need to learn and purchased a bunch of books that I’d like to read. I’m hoping to tackle both and a few other personal projects in these last few weeks of quiet before March hits and *hopefully* Spring with it….


Terren Kimmitt - Megan,
just love your blog and pictures.
Your spirit shines through every word and photograph.
You’re thirst for wanting to enjoy more is contagious and not overlooked by me and most importantly by yourself :)
You are such a beautiful person.
<3 Happy Valentine's Day <3

Ester - It’s kind of like you take words inside my head and say them. Beautiful writing. You’ve inspired me to write in my journal, which currently has one entry in it. Also, can we talk about that camera???

Quyen - Ditto to what Ester said. This was beautifully written and like I was mentioning to you and E about censoring my own thoughts, this has given me some inspiration to let myself run free with the words in my own brain. Oh, and the pictures in this post rock too. xoxo

anda - i love how ridiculously thick that journal is with polaroids already. you’re the best. x

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