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The Stories My Phone Tells.


I did a MAJOR purge of my closet this week and it feels so good to have less. Planning to purge some other areas of our house soon as well.
I re-read one of my most favorite books.
I got a haircut {finally}. I think it’s been almost six months since my last legit haircut and I was due.
I went to the same restaurant three times in one week and managed to have the warm sea salt chocolate chip cookies only once {miraculously}.
I met a stylist named Melodie and she made this awesome video as a personal project last year {warning partial nudity}.
I got dolled up by Jennyface {my temporary roommate :) } for a night out with friends. I didn’t get a pic but she is amazing and I looked good.
I’ve been listening to lots of Amy Winehouse. I have no idea why.
I am obsessed with getting pet goats. {please Brent??} And have been watching tons of cute goat and lamb videos like this one and this one.
I’m looking forward to a little break from the daily and am getting excited about the holidays. Thanksgiving is my fave.

Also, Fridays are the best, are they not? Happy weekend.


Sarah Jane - Yes, goats! I would love two little goats, they’re so stinkin’ cute!!
Love these shots, makes me wish I wrangled Eric’s phone away from him enough to take more photos with it. :-)
We should grab dinner/drink sometime soon!

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