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the middle.

Today is February 21st.

Despite six inches of snow on its way, I am starting to feel the faintest hints of Spring creeping in at the seams, a little more than the day or week before it. That slow tilt of the Earth guiding us back out of this cold and hungry season. The sun has grown less lazy and my soul with it. And every once in awhile I hear a bird chirp and it is a symphony of sorts to my ears. This is the middle. The “not quite” but also the “not so much”.

Brent and I are going through some home renovations right now. After 2 1/2 years of living in our house, doing little more than throwing some paint on the walls and some new throw pillows on the couch, hoping it will change the look entirely  {it never does}, we finally broke out of our decision paralysis and decided to just go with it. Yesterday a doorway got widened and my kitchen and dining room are in complete shambles. There are patches of different color paint on the wall. The counters have been picked out but can’t be ordered until a cabinet is built {by who is completely unknown}. The flooring is still up in the air and everything is looking a little cray. We are in the middle.

Normally this is the time of the year or the part of the project where I start to give up a little, give in a little. Lose steam and gumption and hope, that we will ever come out on the other side of this. It’s sort of hard to imagine my kitchen with beautiful hardwood floors and the ground without a trace of snow. But I know that both will be true in the {hopefully} near future and it’s giving me the push to stick with the middle. Maybe even enjoy it a bit.

There is so much anticipation at the cusp of better than it was but not quite where you want it to be. And that’s really the best part of life isn’t it? The journey and all that. I am at the middle of so many places in my life…not just the seasons or my kitchen but also with this little business of mine. And I am feeling excited about the future of all of those things, that I am content with being exactly in the middle. For now.


{photos by Brent}


Leslie - As always – beautifully said :)

Brittany - Great reminder about loving life while you’re in the “middle”.

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