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The Day Before My Thirtieth Birthday.

{self portrait on the morning of my last day of 29}

I remember my twentieth birthday clear as day.

I had just returned home from a semester of studying abroad in Sevilla. A semester that was fun and crazy and confusing in the way that only a few months in college really can be. I had gained 12 pounds on paella, pan and tinto de veranos and was suddenly thrust back into my high school bedroom at my parents house after months of absolute freedom on a different continent where I had showed up knowing absolutely no one. The night before my birthday, I was finishing up a sixteen hour shift at the hospital that I worked at and I remember distinctly thinking – “this is my last hour of my teens” and feeling instantly terrified and really really sad at letting go of such a substantial piece of my life. How was that even ten years ago??! It seems almost impossible.

Today is the day before my thirtieth birthday.

I wanted to take a quick picture this morning to remember the last day of my twenties without putting too much emphasis on /what it all means/. I could over analyze and write all day about this whole age thing and what I’ve accomplished and learned in my twenties and what I hope for and expect from my thirties but honestly..

I am here. And with this guy.

And I’m not terrified at all.


Ester - Amen sister! And happy, happy birthday! I LOVE the self portrait.

Terren Kimmitt - Megan,
Happy Early Birthday to you… You would have laughed at me racing to my one and only meeting’s lobby today to write on your blog! I remember around this time last year I asked you where you imagined yourself on your 30th birthday… You replied, “Somewhere in Greece.” You are a women to be admired and genuinely loved for a lifetime. You inspire me all the time. I look forward to many long summer nights this year with you and Brent and a lifetime of memories with someone I can call a true friend. Have a wonderful Birthday tomorrow Megan.
<3 Terren

anda - perfect. happy 30th, megan. you wear it well. love, anda

jessica sands - 30 or not, you’re adorbs! celebrate!!

Judes - I remember that time well. . Not so fondly:)… what a difference time can make. Praying your thirties are filled with the joy and blessings you share with us!

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