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Florence said it best when she sang that the “dog days are over”. Here we are, already five days in to September and despite 90 degree temps earlier this week, it’s pretty clear that the days of heat and humidity and eating ice cream without abandon are not long for this part of the world. I’m trying not to let it get me down too much because everyone else seems so excited about sweaters and football and pumpkin spice lattes but I’ve been failing pretty amazingly at that. Last week I had a little breakdown as we boated back from dinner and mourned a bit at summer leaving me so soon when I love it so much.

I try and remind people that it’s still summer for the next three weeks, but it’s like holding water in my hand : futile. Because when school starts and Labor Day passes – the season is over apparently, to everyone but me. I don’t dislike fall {I actually think I’d *love* it if it didn’t precede winter}. I like picking apples and the colors and not feeling guilty about Sunday afternoons lazily spent reading and watching football on the couch. {and the clothes are the best} I think what makes this time of year so hard on me is not only my love for summer but also my selfishness for spending time with Brent, who I get in abundance for June and July and most of August, usually always at home when I get done with long days at work and giving in to my need for date nights multiple nights each week. But his job revolves around football, which obviously makes this time of the year a *bit* busier for him than the summer months. So really, it’s the culmination of cooler weather, shorter days and less Brent all descending on me at the same time that gets me down. But I won’t make this diatribe any longer than it needs to be; I will just show you a few pictures I’ve taken since I posted about the first half of summer and feel happy for some blonde haired / green eyed girl in Melbourne or Cape Town, who is anxiously awaiting sundress season and longer days.

 *all photos taken with my iPhone*

I’m heading out to Portland in the morning and I am quite excited about that. It’s where young people go to retire, you know. {if you haven’t seen that sketch from Portlandia, you must}. Have a great week/weekend.


anda - ENJOY portland!!! i hope it doesn’t get you down because it is so fall-like there always. i hope you fill it with great food — the best food in the country. and i love this post, obvs.

Katie - I love that Jack made it on your summer tribute. :) And you’re not alone… i’m in fall denial too. I love fall and football, but i’m not ready!

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