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Road Trip.

We drove South on the 1 from San Fran to LA taking in fog and secluded beaches and stunning roadside cliffs. We spent a night in a cabin in the desert watching the sun set and the stars come out and then waking early to watch the sun come up again. And we drove along the most secluded road either of us has ever been, seeing no one and nothing for many many miles on our way to Route 66 and ultimately the Grand Canyon. And I learned once again that I can spend an obscene amount of hours in a car singing, laughing, talking or doing nothing at all and be perfectly content just being, in a way that I often am not in my regular life. I hold these little adventures that we share so close to my heart. Without fail, when we travel, memories of our other exploits come flooding back and it was on this trip specifically that I realized that some other Megan exists – the one who holds the memory of all of those little details from all of the places that we’ve been together and that it only takes a plane ride and a few hours of adventure to unleash her.


Terren Kimmitt - *Fantastic.

Jenny - AHHHH! these are so wonderful. i love road trip megan and your magical moments. thanks for sharing. xx

Krystin - I want to be more like you!!! you inspire me! :)

Katie Douglas - Beautiful Pictures! I am a little disappointed that you didn’t take a picture of a local dog though. I suppose i’ll live with the horse pics. :)

Ester - Now I SEVERELY want to take a road trip :) Get these in a magazine already!

Anda - So beyond dreamy and beautiful. I know every place here, but find your personal take on them fascinating.

Sarah - How did I miss these! Oh how these make me want to fly out to California right now. Route 1 is one of the most breathtaking roads in existence, all of these capture the beauty so well. Love ’em.

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