Megan Elise » Madison Wedding / Engagement Photographer


It would just be impossible for me not to love a place that values food and coffee and good beer and wine.

All those things made even tastier by the beauty of Oregon and the company of great friends.

“This is plenty. This is more than enough.”


anda - oh, megan, soooo beautiful. i love them all, especially the cannon beach fogginess. really gorgeous. looks like you didn’t go anywhere i recommended (!!!!) but i will live ;)

Brittany - Amazing photos! Love that final quote! And I think I need to go on a little adventure with you one of these days. :)

Kana - These are so beautiful!

Kevin - Good stuff, Megan! Katie and I went to a lot of those same spots when we visited out there including that same vineyard with the white cabinets. I hope you guys had a good time out there. I like that part of the country. My favorite pic is the b&w one of the breakfast truck with the guys sitting around chatting. Oh, and Stumptown coffee is my favorite!

Sarah Jane - Oh man, this looks like an awesome trip!
What neat spaces & places, good thing I’m not hungry at the moment or I’d be drooling.
Love it all.

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