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Michael + Michelle.

I recently told a friend that I have been learning to see beauty in a million places I never thought to look before. And I realized just how true that was as I was going through these images of a snowy Madison morning hanging out with Michelle and Michael. These two are so comfortable and easy-going with each other – I hardly had to direct them, if at all, which freed me up to appreciate just how beautiful / peaceful / serene freshly fallen snow and our fairly abandoned city can be.

Michelle and Michael laughed so much together and made me laugh too – it’s always amazing to me how quickly couples can go from being complete strangers to fast friends. Just from the few hours we spent together and the few details they shared, I already can’t wait for their July wedding. Enjoy a preview, you guys! xoxo.


Erin - Once again, awesome work! My favorites this round [even though they’re all great!] are the coffee shop shots. I like how you shot through the window on the first few :)

Mary - Megan,

LOVE the pictures! Can’t begin to pick a favorite as there are too many fabulous ones.

I look forward to meeting you at the wedding and seeing the pictures from that special day.

Mary (Michelle’s Mom)

Dave @ Margaret Radle. - Got the cd pics for Mich and Michaels engagement from Mary
——–so good ——wow.
Michele’s grand parents in Indiana.

Laurelyn - WOW, this session is so beautiful!! Shooting in the snow can be so much fun :)

Came across your photography via the Over the Vines website – love your style! Looking forward to following your blog and seeing more beautiful love stories!

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