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“Just For A Moment, Let’s Be Still”

I’m not sure exactly where the urge came from. It started small, born out of a desire for quiet, more than anything. A seeking of silence so heavy, it would have the ability to calm my ever/overactive brain. And grew to a craving for stillness – the chance to sit for hours and do nothing at all in a place where there were no possible obligations, far away from the part of my world that thrives on productivity. When the feeling became so great, I searched around the internet for a small cabin in the woods somewhere up North, finding that most places were closed for the winter, but happening on this little gem of a place in Minoqua on the frozen shores of Lake Kaubashine. And knowing immediately how good it would be for my soul.

The term “downtime” has become kind of a buzzword for me come December {I wrote about it last year too}. But truly, after months of feeling like I’m constantly in motion, days and weeks bleeding into one other, traveling somewhere every so often, the month of December practically begs for a whole lot of nothingness as the days close in on themselves, tripping over darkness until we land in a new year with its new goals and fresh starts.

The few days Ester and I spent up North consisted of mostly a bunch of nothings that added up to something that was exactly what I was seeking. With its three hour drive, negative temperatures, frozen pizza and beers. Sunlight dancing its way around the cabin. Long talks and short stories. Card games and coffee. Exploring a summer camp empty in the calm of the season – the swingset and canoes coated in snow and relaxing from months of entertaining children. Walks out on the lake {frozen solid already} for the sunrise, sunset and back out after dark to see thousands of crystal clear stars – completely blanketed in silence when we chose it to be. A roaring fire tended to from early in the morning until way late into the night. And my very most favorite part, reading the journals from the cabin. Crying and laughing over stories of love and loss and healing of people who had spent time in this very place. It left me feeling relaxed and inspired. Clear headed and a little less compressed. And more than anything, yearning for a return in some warmer month for a long afternoon nap on that suspended porch bed and the next chapter of my story gracing the pages of a composition notebook. Until then.


Ester - Wha?! Now that was perfect – the words and pictures (like I really LOVE the processing of these images). Really, such a great time capsule for us to look back on. Thanks for inviting me and introducing me to the Nelly Pandora station.

Christine - So perfect and cozy, Megan. I want to be there.

jessica sands - this imagery is so inviting. i just want to be there sitting by that fire, drinking that coffee, chasing that light…

Anda - Totally cannot even compute .. in awe.

Beth - Just wonderful; this made me like winter again. Thank you.

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