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Just Barely.

This is just a quick little update in between editing / eating / website updates / packing / unpacking / trying to catch up with friends I haven’t seen in ages / trying to find balance / life / life / life / etc.   A Tuesday evening {!!!} wedding will be up next week that I’m quite excited to share with you : )

When I started my little running project eight weeks ago, I honestly didn’t know if I’d be still be at it past September 1st. At that time, I very literally could not run for more than 30 seconds at a time, which is not the type of stat you exaggerate {unless of course you can only run 15 seconds at a time, which was probably also true at times for me}. After every run, I’d look ahead to what the next week’s time was on the app that I’m using and think to myself “there is absolutely no chance in hell that I am going to be able to run that long”.

In the first few weeks, one minute seemed like an eternity. Then five minutes. Ten. And so on.

And so on.

But every week I surprised myself by accomplishing the goal. Often just barely {always with the help of Beyonce}. And never in very pretty fashion. But I did it. Just barely.

And then tonight I ran four miles. In a row.

I realize that that’s an average workout for about 90% of the population. But for me it is a huge accomplishment. Not just because I actually ran slow jogged the four miles but because I’ve stuck with running long enough to get to this point at all. I so often get frustrated, distracted, wary of time and effort when I immediately want to excel at something or be past a certain point in life. I let setbacks derail me mentally and emotionally more than I’d ever care to admit, that I am so thankful for this process because it has taught me a huge lesson in patience and perseverance and just how damn good it feels to actually hit minute 40+ when you’ve been working so hard for it. Here’s to hoping I remember this little lesson in many other areas of my life where it would be welcomely applied. {oh, and that I find the energy for the other six miles…}

 “You are what you consistently do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit.” -Aristotle



Ryab - Way to go…I forgot that we were running a 10 miler, guess I should put the beer down…see ya in a week!!!

Sarah Jane - Way to go Megan! I’m where you were at- ridiculously out of shape as far as running goes. I bought running shoes and went twice this summer. Those two times were mostly just walking with a bit in between. Maybe in the spring I’ll try again. . .

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