Megan Elise » Madison Wedding / Engagement Photographer

Jeremy + Jenny + Linus.

Let me preface this post by saying that I am not a family or baby photographer and this is probably *the* only family post you will ever see on my blog :). And my apologies if you have asked me for one and I said no. To be fair, I said no to Jenny too. But then she wrote me a long email laden with compliments and well, I apparently am easily swayed with compliments. And hot chocolate. The whole milk kind. {with whip!}

Jenny and Jeremy are super laid back first time parents and Linus, well, he had an ear hat on, so I’ll forgive him for crying most of the time. : )


Jenny - Incredible. You are such an amazing photographer! (Should I keep the compliments flowing??) Thank you! I can’t believe that, somehow, there were pictures without him crying. LOVE LOVE LOVE these! <3

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