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I get the traveling gene from my parents.

Growing up they would ship my three siblings and me off to various relatives’ and friends’ while they spent their spring break away from teaching taking basketball teams to Holland, and Brazil, and other various countries. Traveling was always a priority for them. Every year still, they plan and save and work extra jobs in the summer to go on one or two international trips by themselves or with friends, their house filled with photos from their most recent adventure. If it weren’t for them going first, Brent and I probably would not have gone to Turkey last year, which would have been a huge shame…it was my favorite country so far.

This summer, to celebrate their 40th anniversary, four kids, and four grandkids…I knew I wanted to take a trip with my parents. To have that experience and those memories of traveling internationally with them. So I picked Iceland {selfishly} because it’s been on my short list ever since I read a Delta magazine article about Reykjavik a few years ago and was instantly intrigued. And so we went. Brent and myself and Eric and Judes, leaving the heat of a midwest summer on the fourth of July for cold and crazy wind and winter-like weather in Iceland.

We started in Reykjavik, getting little to no sleep due to midnight sun and excessively loud dance clubs, and then ventured out for a seven day road trip along the Ring Road, which circles the island. I remember being stunned by the landscape at the time but I think we, {or at least I} became somewhat desensitized to its overwhelming beauty over the course of the week. When I finally looked through all of my photos, almost three months later, I was amazed at what I had so obviously seen and stood in front of long enough to capture and I was overwhelmed all over again.

Everyone who’s been there talks about the landscape of Iceland because it truly is so stunning and surreal and untouched. Even in the height of the tourist season, we rarely saw other cars on the road, only passing the occasional biker {how, with that wind, I just don’t know} and the pictures, of course, don’t come close to measuring up to the real thing. I still hardly believe I was actually there.

It was beautiful, and expensive, and often boring at night in the middle of nowhere but man, was it beautiful. And it was a trip with my parents that I will never forget.


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