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I wasn’t planning to blog any more photos from our trip to Europe until, recently, a friend asked to buy some prints from me. As I was culling through some from my personal collection for her, I fell in love all over again with the island of Rhodes from these images and couldn’t help but share them and a few digital photos from Santorini as well {some film of Santorini can be seen here}.

Rhodes was a random stop along the way for us. Just a means to get from one point to another with no high expectations on our part. But the old part of town was so incredibly charming, a far truer Greece, I would say, than Santorini. I spent an hour that afternoon walking around by myself, navigating the tiny, winding cobblestone streets of the old town, trying to get lost only to find myself right back where I started {only to try and find myself lost again}. There is so much nostalgia for me in these first few images – that afternoon reminded me of so many quiet afternoons in the center of Sevilla – women in their house dresses, doors open to the sunshine, allowing me peek into their kitchens and watch them humming as they made lunch. I only desperately hoped one of them would invite me in and feed me something simple and delicious that would transcend any language barrier between us. I would smile at the flavor of it all and she would smile that her cooking had so satisfied this random American girl who had been peering into her home and she would send me on my way with many gestures and fast Greek spilling from her mouth. And unfortunately, it didn’t go down that way, but in my mind I can still taste the buttery layers of phyllo dough crumbling in my mouth, and so, I think I’ll always choose to remember that afternoon as if it had.


anda - um, yeeeeaaaahhhhh … SO glad you blogged these. the light on that boat? bananas.

Terrence Kimmitt - Megan, I’m happy you blogged about Greece again. These images are phenomenal! I loved your tangent on letting you in for some phyllo… :) you are a brilliant visionary into the place you go and am so intrigued by your perspective…

Dan - I’ve enjoyed watching you travel and share your thoughts and pictures. This entry caught my attention as I had a stopover trip to the islands of Greece when a junior in college. Enjoyed it immensely with my sister and a friend – and more importantly, long to go back to the quiet times, rolling blue seas and friendly people. Thanks for sharing.

Ester - Isn’t it crazy how that works? You get through your pictures so fast, because there’s a million other things you’re doing and then you kind of forget about them. But when you revisit them, you see them with different eyes. You like some you didn’t like before. You like some a little less. I’m glad you shared these. These are divine. The pictures on the boat? Goodnight.

Andrea - Incredible! Those last few images really capture the magic of Santorini!

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