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Film // Brittany at a Christmas Tree Farm

Well, winter has officially arrived in Wisconsin and we are a bit snowed in at the moment. I’m not even a little upset about it. Probably because I’ve watched White Christmas three times in the last week, so I guess I’m on board with some snow for the holidays.

I figured there was no better time to share these photos. I am re-re-discovering film these days thanks to an indefinitely borrowed Nikon N90 from a friend. When the engagement session I was supposed to shoot last Saturday got rained out, I called Brittany to pose for me and we stumbled upon this Christmas tree farm that was so magical and beautiful, I wanted to move there. That shed with the trees had the most amazing smell.

I’m in love with how perfectly unperfect these images turned out. Film is always a surprise and I never would have guessed how grainy those last few would have turned out. But they are kind of my favorites.

Stay safe and warm this weekend! xo, m.


Ester - These are so beautiful. I love the grainy ones too. That last one is so dreamy. Eep, this is getting me so excited to get out there and shoot some film!!

Brittany - How fun!! Love the pictures! Good times. :)

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