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Last December was kind of a flurry. I remember feeling frustrated and impatient and like I couldn’t accomplish anything in the compressed days that this time of year inevitably brings. And not that I haven’t had any of those feelings this year but for the most part, I’ve decided that despite all the craziness that encompasses the holidays, December is meant to be a month for chilling out a bit. This year was a little crazy when I stop to think about it. I started a business, built a brand and shot / second shot eight weddings in six months. I traveled to L.A. / South Africa / Paris / Nashville / Tahoe / Oregon / Lincoln / D.C. and Hawaii. And as awesome as this year has been, I’m ready for a little break, some downtime spent at home.

I’ve been sleeping in lately and relishing moments of solitude in a way I don’t often enjoy. On Sunday I laid on the couch and watched the snow fall for an hour with no distraction, just a few candles flickering in lieu of the fireplace we don’t have and I appreciated the beauty and amazement of it, which is a far cry from the typical disappointment I have for Wisconsin winter. I’ve given myself permission to rest and relax when I want to. Or to do something frivolous like bake cookies for an entire Monday night instead of spending yet another few hours in front of a computer screen, even though my to do list remains ever long. I’ve been watching lots of holiday movies – whatever is on tv when I sit down and not feeling any shred of guilt. It’s been wonderful and carthatic. It’s given me a chance to step back, get out of my head. Assess this year and this life without judgement. I know myself well enough to know that I will hit the ground running in January – new years, new quarters, new months always do that to me. I’m booking up weddings for next year and have a few personal projects and trips planned that I am so very excited about and can’t wait to dive into…next year. But for right now, I’ll take the quiet. The peace. The solitude. And hope you are able to find the same for yourself. December might just be my new favorite month… : )  xo.


Erin - I’m glad you took that Monday night to make cookies too! ;) Great post, Megan!

Kana - Love it.

Alyssa - Oh you’re so great at writing… I can identify with the feelings you’ve written about 100%. So glad I know you :)

Jenny - Well deserved. Enjoy!

anda - i love when you post like this. and reading this came at the most perfect time for me. literally … to the date and this very hour. i haven’t slept all week and i am drowning in 2 completely arduous and tedious tasks that make me hate owning a business. but i need to take care of myself too … to read and walk and be … things so valuable to my well being. getting these work tasks done right NOW won’t matter even just a month from now. not to mention a year from now. your post reminded me of this :) thank you.

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