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dave + sarah.


I really don’t even know where to start with these two.

I’ve known Sarah for six years and she’s one of my best besties. She and I have traveled to Thailand, Honduras, Argentina, Uruguay, Paris and multiple trips to Miami together. We go out to eat together pretty much every week {or often multiple times per week} to all of our favorite foodie spots in Madison where I have convinced her that a meal really isn’t a meal without dessert. And I was with her the night she met Dave. A seemingly normal night out for a few twenty-something girls that ended up being the start of something far more than either of them probably imagined at the time.

They are an adventurous and easy going couple. Sarah’s strong sense of ambition countered by Dave’s laid back approach to life. Total opposites. And in many ways, exactly the same.

I asked if they would do a shoot for me. Not for any reason…but just because. And when I saw this awesome location that Sarah Jane posted a few weeks ago, I knew we had to check it out too.


Sarah - They turned out great and we had so much fun! Excited we finally made the blog :)

anda - by far your best work. t/s ftw.

Angela - These are great!

Palmer - Fantastic shots and great location!

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