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Bryan + Bridget : A brunch Wedding.

One of the questions I ask in my wedding contact form is what the couple likes to do on a Saturday morning. I think it says a lot about people and gives me an idea of who the couple is before I get to meet them. When Bridget originally wrote that they share my love of waffles, I knew this would be a good fit. Then when she told me they were planning a brunch wedding, I geeked a little. To say I love brunch is an understatement. Brent thinks it’s lazy to sit around eating all morning when there are things to be done on the weekend but I think it’s the perfect way to relax after a hectic week. I love having all of my breakfast drinks : water to hydrate, coffee to caffeinate and a mimosa to celebrate. So, yes, I loved this wedding. It was classic, laid back, simple and cozy. It reminded me of the type of wedding my grandparents might have had 70 year ago : timeless. And the fact that brunch ended with cake, well that was just the icing.

Bryan + Bridget – congrats! You guys are so great. xo.


Ester - Lovely work, Megan! I had a wedding the other weekend, and did some pictures by the Joan of Arc Chapel in the same exact spots you did!!! I love how yours turned out :)

Jenny - A beautiful wedding combined with amazing photography! I could look at these pictures over and over again.

Kelley - Beautiful, Megan!

B - Once again, amazing shots that make you feel like you’re part of the actual day as you scroll thru. I love how you captured the mirror reflections in the reception pics, those are my faves.

Jenny - Beautiful Brunch Bonding!! Bravo, Megan. Beyond Brilliant! xxo

Claire K. - These are totally amazing and gorgeous! It was a lovely day. :-)

– Cousin of the Bride

Bridget - Thank you so much, Megan! The pictures are amazing; you did a great job!!

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