Megan Elise » Madison Wedding / Engagement Photographer


I went on a major sweater binge earlier this week. It’s supposed to be colder than cold here soon and I am mentally preparing myself by sitting wrapped in a blanket, drinking a hot toddy and dreaming about palm trees, double digit temps, non-frozen bodies of water, light jackets and fresh fish tacos. It still always amazes me that you can hop on a plane and in no time at all be somewhere where snow is a novelty. Where people bundle up when the thermometer hits 50.

Take me back. Takemeaway.


Sarah Jane - Darn, I had no idea it was getting that cold this weekend, eesh.
This was a wonderful little trip in photos to somewhere warm, that one of the sunlight pouring in on the back of that guy’s legs gave me hope that my feet won’t always be so frozen feeling. Beautiful Megan.

Ester - I want to live inside these pictures, especially the last one. That is all.

Lynne - loved Haydan’s picture!

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