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I have had the hardest time trying to string the right few words together to describe my week in Austin at the FIND {Film Is Not Dead} Workshop a few weeks ago. It was such an amazing week of learning, eating, laughing, shooting and was filled with some of the best, most awesome people I have ever met. {Also, I loved Austin} I left feeling so incredibly inspired in both my business and my personal shooting.

More than anything, I walked away knowing that, film or digital, I want my pictures to have more weight and meaning. In this current age, it’s so easy to be a photographer. To rapid fire off pictures onto a memory card and never consider if they’re good or meaningful or whether you would actually print them. Hold them in your hand and save them for a future generation. When I shoot film, I am painfully slow {just ask Brent} because I want to be absolutely sure that what I’m capturing has value, that it’s worth developing. This is how I want to shoot all the time – film, digital, or iphone; weddings or personal work – not slow necessarily, but conscientiously. And I’m so thankful I had the opportunity to be part of this workshop that has pushed me to do that and learn more of the technical aspects of film.

Since I’ve been back, I bought a used Mamiya RZ Pro II that I can’t wait to learn and incorporate into my weddings and personal work. In the meantime, here are a few of my favorites from my week in Austin {shot on a Nikon N90S and various Kodak film}. A super huge thanks and hugs to Jon Canlas and Catherine Abegg and all of the other photographers {including my roommate, Anda!} for making the week the raddest. xo.


Joyce - What an incredible experience! It was such a pleasure to meet you in FIND Austin. These images are gorgeous and they definitely show that you took time and thoughts into what you shoot. I love that!! I need to do what you do more often :)

anda - megan — these rule! i’m especially in love with the horse/bike one. and what you wrote, too.

Catherine Abegg - you’re the awesomest!!! xo!

Mel Cole - Megan! These are all so beautiful. Love seeing these images through your eyes. Love them all and you! xo

Gert - Megan, these images ARE worth developing!! No doubt!

You just nailed what you wanted to show us.. and that’s what counts.

Your words made me go back to september 2012 … FIND Ibiza… goosebumps… it was also an amazing time out there!
Trust me, you won’t forget the experience pretty quick :)

Sarah - I think this is my favorite post of yours.
I love every one of these photographs.
Excited to see more film from you- I always take to long to develop mine, I think we’re up to 3 rolls that need to get sent in!

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