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an ode to paris by way of new orleans.

if you were to only know one thing about me, you would need to know that i have an insatiable passion for traveling. i get it from my parents who were often setting off to places like brazil and holland while i was growing up and shipping my brothers, sister and myself to visit family in california and texas for the weeks that they were gone. now that i’m older, i feel extremely blessed to have married someone who loves to travel as much as i do – who likes adventuring to places somewhat off the beaten path and who does almost all of the planning while i try and seek out all the best food spots.

in every city we visit, i will undoubtedly fall in love. i will compare the similarities of the place to other cities i’ve been and appreciate the uniqueness that drew us there in the first place. in my head i will imagine a different version of myself living in that city. walking its streets and eating at its restaurants. carrying on a life so completely opposite the one that i know that i start to think neighborhoods and real estate and job opportunities.

of all those cities and lives, the paris me is the one that continually and persistently beckons {cliche as she may be}. enough so to create a very strong longing for it’s streets and cafes and croissants and bridges over the seine and really everything that makes paris so magical in my memory – not that i can ever really truly envision myself living there long term but maybe a month or summer someday – enough time to have a regular boulangerie and patisserie. or really, even long weekend would give me my fill.

enter new orleans.

to be sure – outside of the french quarter, new orleans is so absolutely unlike paris that it would be laughable to compare it at all. but oh, that french quarter {excluding bourbon street, which is a whole other thing entirely}, especially on a sunday morning when the streets are quiet and littered with beads and the french houses with their italianate metalwork are shuttered and sleepy and you chance upon a little cafe and the croissant is so flaky it leaves a mess all over the table. and for a split second you think that maybe you will walk out the door and see the top of the tour d’eiffel peeking at you from behind a row of haussman apartment buildings. and of course you don’t, but honestly it doesn’t much matter. new orleans has enough charm of its own to make up for the fact that it is more unlike paris than like it.

the people and food and music and atmosphere make it very unlike any other place i’ve been. we spent most of our weekend there watching and partaking in parades, usually discovered somewhat on accident. if this is how they do st. patrick’s day, i can’t even imagine what mardi gras must be like.

in short, i fell in love {once again}. i mentally bought us a house in the garden district and decided that muriel’s would be our favorite restaurant for special occasions and we would stroll through the french quarter {with a drink in hand!} on warm spring nights. the paris-ness was probably more in my head than anything but it assuaged that little longing…at least for now…



anda - love it alllll! i don’t know why, but the one of the three turned over recycling bins is my favorite. it is just really humorous for some reason. i also can’t get enough of the truck with the open back and the flowers falling out. too good. both tell amazing stories.

Ester - Oh girl, I’m right there with you. I’ve imagined a Seattle Ester, a Maine Ester, a New York Ester, and totally a Paris Ester. I haven’t been to New Orleans but this post has solidified my desire (need) to go. I absolutely cannot wait to see and hear (while withstanding horrible pangs of jealousy) about your next trip :))

Sarah Jane - Oh man, I’ve always wanted to visit New Orleans, and these photos make me want to even more. Love all that green, and that one shot of the plate of food makes me real hungry.

Terren Kimmitt - You inspire me… :) hope to one day take a trip with you. You wrote about how you buy a house and pick out a restaurant and imagine another life while in the places you visit. Things most people only think about, you wrote, and for that I love you. :) you are an incredibly talented young lady and those places you visit should feel lucky to have you enjoy them as much as you do… Here’s to your next adventure very shortly to celebrate your birthday!

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