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a love letter for year two.

“well, i like to think i’m the mess you’d wear with pride.”



dear B. i know you know how strangely perfect that band of horse’s lyric is, coming from me to you. i don’t think i could have said it any better if i tried. but i’ll try.

it’s hard to believe that this crazy world that we’re trying to travel our way across has made another little trip of it’s own around the sun already again. this second year of marriage has been so very good to us in so many different ways {we have a new kitchen! we collected another capital!} and we’ve had the opportunity to do so much traveling both near and far, which is always my very most favorite version of us.

i think it really hit me as we were driving all around turkey, lost on purpose or not lost at all, just how exactly right you are for me. you probably think that sounds weird. but for most of my twenties, i wanted it to be true. and on that june saturday two years ago, i hoped against everything that it would be true. but this year is the year that it really, honestly felt true. and oh. how beautiful that feeling is.

not that i need to tell you. i’m certain you’ve known this all along but sometimes these things take me more time to figure out. you know. just like when i asked you when you knew that you wanted to marry me and you looked at me all crazy like it was the weirdest question in the world. because i, i would have labored over that decision for months. analyzed every square inch of my heart and our relationship searching for the answer to that huge, life altering question. and you, you apparently just woke up one day and knew you wanted to buy a ring. and that right there is the summation of every reason why i need you in my world.

i, for the life of me, cannot imagine anyone else on this planet that i could spend 25,000+ consecutive minutes with, in small spaces in foreign countries. and then miss like crazy the minute we get home and are back to regular life. i sincerely hope that we always have the means and the ability and the desire to travel together. and to walk through this insanely imperfect and beautiful life together. i wouldn’t wish it any other way.

i like you a lot. and i’m endlessly grateful that i am yours and that you are mine. cheers to year three {and all the ones after that too}

xo, m.e.


last year’s letter.



anda - Happy Anniversary, lovelies! So glad I know ya.

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