Megan Elise » Madison Wedding / Engagement Photographer

A June.

June. Le sigh.

June, far and away, is my favorite month…the very sweet spot in my life. I’ve found myself so often in the last few weeks {when the rain wasn’t pouring down all over us} taking in the deepest gulps of summer evening air. Rolling down the window mid-sentence with Brent, halting the conversation entirely, just to put my hand out the window and have that summer feeling wash all over me. Trying my best to drench myself in it, often finding myself in tears at how sweet and perfect and satisfying and fickle it is, this Juneness. This summer in the midwest-ness. There is so much left of summer, I know. But really, in my book, June, hands down, cannot be beat. I’m going to drink it up, this last June night of 2013. And a beautiful one at that.


*all photos taken with my iPhone*


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